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Turning Cuckold Part 16

Sissy Robert timidly served Mistress Andrea and Paul their breakfast, ashamed at having been made to suck Paul's cock and swallow his cum from the condoms. Paul, sensing the situation, said to Mistress Andrea, "tell me again, what name does this asshole of yours go by?"  "Sissy Robert" responded Mistress.  "Sissy Robert, hmmm I think maybe it should be more like Faggot Robert, or Sissy Faggot Robert, "he responded and added,  "what do you think asshole, what should your Mistress call you?"  Sissy Robert didn't respond, his eyes moistening as he instead looked at the floor.  "I asked you a question asshole, what should your Mistress call you?"  Paul said in a sterner voice.  Sissy Robert looked at Paul and began to whimper ever so slightly.  "Answer him," ordered Mistress Andrea.  "I don't know, "responded Sissy Robert meekly.

 "Well I think whatever it is the word faggot definitely needs to be included, "said Paul.  "I don't want to be a faggot," responded Sissy Robert his voice trembling as he did.  "I don't want to be a faggot!" said Paul mockingly, adding, "you are a faggot you little asshole!  Look at you all dressed up like a girl, what else would you be but a faggotm and let's not forget, a woman made you suck my cock several times and eat my cum,
 a real man wouldn't do that but a fag boi like you would ."

Through all of this Mistress Andrea continued to eat her breakfast, enjoying Sissy Robert's humiliation as she did.
 "Get on your knees faggot and suck my cock as I finish my breakfast," ordered Paul. Sissy Robert looked pleadingly at Mistress Andrea as he shook his head no.  "Do as he says faggot or I will drag you by the hair down the hall to the spanking bench and whip your ass good," she said firmly to sissy.

"Please no." he whimpered, "I am only going to tell you this once, get on your knees now faggot and suck him," 
she said firmly. "Sissy Robert went to his knees, took Paul's cock in his hand and stroked it gently as he licked the head. As the cock started to grow he licked up and down the shaft and then took it into his mouth and sucked. Sissy Robert  sucked and sucked as Paul held his head and forced it down on his cock making sissy take more and more of it.

"That's it you fucking faggot suck my cock. Yeah, that's it fag boi suck it," said Paul with Mistress Andrea looking very pleased as Paul abused her sissy.  "I'm going to cum," Paul told her.  "Hold his head all the way down on your cock and make him swallow every drop," she said.  Paul grabbed the back of Sissy Robert's head more firmly, shoving his cock down his throat as he shot his cum load. "Take it faggot!" he ordered, and as he pulled sissy's head back off his cock, "lick it clean, lick up every drop of my cum and eat it faggot."  Sissy Robert did as he was told and when done Paul said, "let me repeat my question asshole, what should your Mistress call you?"  "Faggot, sir,"  responded Sissy Robert meekly. 'That's right asshole - faggot. You are a fucking faggot and never forget it," said Paul.
"Clean up the kitchen and then get to your other chores sissy fag boi." ordered Mistress Andrea,
 very pleased with how the day had started