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Minimum 10 Minute Session $19.90
$1.99 for each additional Minute


Mistress Andrea had taken his transformation from male hood to Sissy gradually. She began by just encouraging him to wear panties while he pleasured her to where he is now an effeminate 24/7 Girlie Boy. Her ultimate goal though was to also make him a full fledged Faggot, and beginning tomorrow she would do just that. Mistress would have Sissy  undergo hours of dildo sucking training every day, starting him out with a 6 inch moderately thick dildo,and have him work his way up to fully swallowing a thick 8 inch dildo. Once Sissy was able to deep throat the 8 inch dildo Mistress would have him sucking real cocks for her.

When morning came Sissy Cassie served Mistress her breakfast in bed and knelt waiting for her to finish. When Mistress was done she told Sissy clean the dishes and then take off his pink maid's dress and wait kneeling for her in the training room. Sissy did as he was told and when Mistress Andrea entered the room she stood in front of him and said "up until this point Sissy's training has been to make him into a little effeminate Girlie Boy, but it is now time to take that training further and make Sissy completely into my Faggot Bitch. Since Sissy has two pussies, a mouth pussy and ass pussy, his bitch training will have two phases. Phase one, which begins now, will be to train that mouth pussy to suck cock, lick balls and eat cum. When I am satisfied that Sissy has become a good cock sucker, phase 2 will begin and your ass pussy will be trained to fuck those same cocks. Sissy's cock sucking training will involve hours of practice each day; some of the time I will train Sissy directly with my strap-on, at other times Sissy will practice on his own. One thing that Sissy had better understand, if he doesn't learn his lessons well I will beat what he has to learn into him until he does. Sissy knows just how much Mistress enjoys administering pain for her pleasure, and he also knows that the pain is much more severe when Sissy needs discipline, so learn well, Sissy!"

Mistress told Sissy to stay where he was as she walked over to a table, put on her strap-on and inserted the large 8 inch dildo. Mistress walked back over to Sissy and asked, "isn't this a beautiful cock Sissy, is Sissy ready to suck this?"  "Oh no, Mistress please it is so big!" cried Sissy. Mistress Andrea laughed and asked, "has Sissy ever had its clitty sucked?" "No, Mistress," he replied. "Well that doesn't surprise me, a woman would suck a real man's cock not some pathetic little wimp's clitty." said Mistress.  She then asked, "what about another sissy or male faggot, have any of them sucked that clit Sissy?"  "Oh no, Mistress."  Sissy responded.  "Hmm, well Sissy must really be pathetic if another faggot wouldn't even suck it," said Mistress.  "Sissy isn't a faggot Mistress," he replied.  "Yes well that's what all sissies say," said Mistress, "but a sissy bitch is a faggot, and a Faggot is what this little Sissy Bitch is about to become.  Now repeat after Me Sissy,  Sissy is a Faggot, a cock sucking, ball licking, cum eating Faggot." Sissy repeated the words and Mistress told him to continue to do so as she walked away to get the 6 inch dildo.  When Mistress walked back over she asked, " is this one more to your liking Sissy Bitch?"  Sissy answered "Yes Mistress," even though he was scared to do what she wanted.  As Mistress was about to put the cock into Sissy's mouth she said, "oh this won't do," and she walked over and got a tissue and red lip stick.  "You will be a proper cock sucking Sissy Bitch Faggot and wear red lip stick, and lots of it,"  Mistress said as she removed Sissy's light pink lipstick and applied the red.  "Yes, much better, exclaimed Mistress.  "Now Bitch, open that mouth and start licking my cock with that sissy tongue. That's it Faggot first the head than up and down the shaft."  Sissy did as he was told, but Mistress said, "come on Sissy show some passion, I mean it's a cock and all of you little sissy faggot's love cock, so show me how much you do."  Sissy licked the cock enthusiastically, and after doing so for about 20 minutes Mistress Andrea told him to start sucking the head and said, "make sure Sissy that only those faggot lips of yours suck on my cock, if I see any bites marks from your teeth I will beat you."  After a while Mistress told Sissy to stop so that she could take the strap-on off. She removed the dildo and pressed its suctioned base on a small short table and told Sissy to crawl over to it and begin to suck on the dildo again. Mistress told him that he was not to stop for any reason over the next two hours and that when she returned Sissy had to be able to suck at least half of the dildo; if not he would be disciplined on the spanking bench. When Mistress returned Sissy was still sucking and had been able to take half of the dildo into his mouth. "Good!" said Mistress.  Sissy went to remove his mouth from the dildo to ask a question, but Mistress sternly said , "don't you dare stop Sissy, another hour and get more of it in that fag mouth of yours." Sissy's jaws ached from all of the sucking, but he knew that Mistress was very strict and he didn't want to provoke her wrath by stopping.

Mistress returned once the hour was up and told Sissy that he could stop to make her dinner, after that he would have several more hours of sucking training to perform.  "Seems, Sissy,"  Mistress said, "that you are enjoying learning how to be a cock sucker. Enjoy, because you are going to be sucking plenty of cocks for me when I think you're ready.  Sissy is going to be a fluff boy for my lovers, getting them hard and cleaning them off with that fag mouth when they are done pleasing me.  Your fag mouth is going to be used as a fuck toy at parties, swallowing down every drop of cum that explodes in your mouth. I am also likely going to pimp Sissy out to make money for me, walking the streets like the Fag Whore that he is."  Mistress could see the fear grow in Sissy's  eyes, but simply dismissed it saying, " welcome to your new life Sissy Bitch, I am going to enjoy using you like the Faggot that you are.  Repeat over and over as you make my dinner, Sissy is a faggot, a cock sucking, ball licking, cum eating faggot."  When Mistress was done eating she told Sissy to clean up then to get back on his faggot knees sucking on the dildo for the next two hours. Sissy hurried with his chore and quickly returned to his sucking lesson.

Each day over the next several weeks was filled with hours of cock sucking practice. Sissy had graduated up to the 8 inch dildo and had learned to take almost all of it into his mouth.  After dinner this particular night Mistress had Sissy serve her some wine in the living room after dinner, and as he was about to go to the training room to practice with the dildo the door bell rang.  Mistress told Sissy to go answer it which he did.  A very handsome young man was at the door.  Sissy let him in, and lead him to Mistress.  They greeted each other with an embrace and a kiss. Mistress told Sissy to pour him some wine as well and then dismissed him saying, "you know what you have to do, Sissy so go do it, I will let you know if I need you."  "Yes Mistress." responded Sissy.  After awhile Sissy heard their approaching footsteps and although he grew scared he kept sucking the dildo. When they entered the training room Mistress said, "see I told you he is becoming my Faggot, the way he sucks that dildo you'd think he was starving."  They both laughed and she asked him, "so what do you think, can my little sissy faggot suck your cock?"  He answered, "sure I'd be happy to christen your Sissy as a new Faggot for You."  "The time has come, Sissy Boy," said Mistress, "take your fag mouth off of that dildo and crawl over here to get the real thing."  Please, was all that Sissy could get out of his mouth, before Mistress told him." I didn't tell Sissy to speak, I told him to crawl over here and suck some real cock. Don't open your fag mouth again Sissy except to lick and suck his cock and swallow down his cum."  Sissy did as he was told and gently held the man's cock as he began to lick the head and shaft until the man's cock began to grow.  Once it did Sissy took the head into his mouth and sucked and licked it at the same time.  As the man became more erect Sissy took more and more of his cock into his mouth and Mistress told Sissy to look up at them as he sucked. "That's it you cock sucking Sissy Faggot, suck on it."  Mistress ordered as she grabbed the back of Sissy's head and forced more of the cock down his throat. The man looked at Mistress and told her that he was going to cum.  She smiled and said "grab the Faggot's head, shove your cock down his throat and don't let go until all of your cum is down it."  He did as she wanted and pushed Sissy's face up against him as he pumped his load into Sissy's  mouth. When he was done he pulled his cock out and Mistress told Sissy. "Lick it clean you Faggot, never let a drop of cum go to waste."  Sissy did as he was told and Mistress looked at him and said, "this is just the first of many cocks you will suck you fucking Bitch, you are now officially a Faggot and for the rest of your pathetic life you will be always be one."